• 2021 Seasonal Renewal Application

    Please complete application for renewal of seasonal stay at Brialee.
  • Breakdown of Seasonal Fees: (2021)

    Seasonal Rate: $4920

    Sewer: $400

    Winter Storage: $150 (with seasonal stay)

    Waterfront: $600 (no lower beach)

    Premium Waterfront: $1000 (lower beach)

  • A deposit of $450 will immediately be made at the office, or by requesting a link to be sent to pay online. Renewal of your site includes BOTH the renewal contract AND a $450 deposit. If paid in cash at office, you are eligible for a $25 cash discount.

  • We understand our agreement with Brialee does not constitute a landlord/tenant agreement, and that our initial deposit of $450 and the next monthly payment is non-refundable. If you or Brialee terminate this contract for any reason before the season begins (April 1st), a refund will be given minus the non-refundable initial deposit and first monthly payment, less 10%. If Brialee terminates your contract during the camping season or any reason, no refund will be given. We agree to abide by the rules and regulations guiding the park, as well as seasonal rules and regulations that apply only to seasonal campers. We agree to be conscientious of our neighbors, take care of Brialee property and our site, and keep our account with Brialee current at all times, as well as maintain a current credit card on file for our invoices (or have the agreed upon security deposit on file in lieu of a c/c). We understand that any violation of the seasonal terms as stated in the agreement may result in remedial action - including termination of our seasonal agreement. We understand that if our deposit is not received by August 1st, our site may be released for the next camping season and may be posted on the list of available sites that is given to the public. Failure to abide by the agreed upon payment plan could result in cancellation of agreement without a refund. I agree to both pages of the application, as well as pages of the seasonal rules and regulations which can be found here.